“I have been to several acupuncturists in Seattle and I can say that, hands down, Jessica is the best. She has a very unique approach, and combines acupuncture with light, hands-on work that is extremely gentle yet very effective for pain. Less is more, and she really knows how to work on muscle tension, headaches, and stiffness/scar tissue. Jessica is personable, thoughtful, warm, and provides highly individualized attention. I give her my highest recommendation!” — Stephanie

“Jessica is the most talented healer I’ve ever known. Her understanding the human body is impressive; her intuition and thirst for knowledge leads her to constantly learn and seek out new ways to heal; and her compassion enables her to treat not just physical ailments but also problems related to emotional burdens. Her command of acupuncture and the human body is impressive and she also marries this skill with craniosacral therapy. I’ve found it rare to find a professional with such a range of skills. Finally, I absolutely always trust her to do the best thing for her patients. Unlike many acupuncture professionals who rush clients in one after the other, she really takes time with each client and builds in some reflection time for herself. I cannot think of anyone in any medical profession for whom I have more trust and respect, or anyone I would recommend as I highly as I do Jessica.” — Jennifer

“For weeks now I’ve been suffering considerable neck pain, constant pain that among other things made sleeping difficult, and in an attempt to get to the bottom of it have consulted my primary care physician, a massage therapist and a chiropractor. Nothing worked. Finally I took myself to an acupuncturist, Jessica Schwarz, and after just three treatments I am entirely free of pain.” — Scott

“I went to see Jessica for menopausal problems that had been going on for several months. I was frustrated and cranky (most of the time). Jessica’s gentle manner was reassuring and soothing. And after two sessions the problems stopped. Now, not only do I continue to work with Jessica, I bring my kids also. — PP, soccer mom

Jessica took great care in her time with me, listening intently during the discussion part of our session. I truly felt she engaged the core of my concerns and used this to direct her delicate hands-on therapy. She has a keen sense of intuition, and is very passionate about her relationship with plants and the power they hold to help balance emotional and physical conditions. I also like the fact she works with locally-grown plants, which makes her wonderful practice unique from other plant therapies.” — Johnna

Here is what I need in a healer: wisdom, experience, common sense, intuition, and a deep calling for the craft – as well as the basics of professionalism & confidentiality… Not so easy to find, but Jessica has these in spades. I am deeply grateful for the ongoing plant spirit medicine treatments, which have supported my health and my life’s work.” — Maggie