Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs and herbal medicine is a healing technique practiced in TCM.

Plants are our allies. We eat them every day to provide nourishment, nutrients and gastronomic pleasure. Plants also provide medicine to supplement our daily health and wellness practices. The goal of using herbs is to clear whatever immediate symptoms are present and then strengthen the body so that chronic problems can be avoided and/or resolved. Chinese herbs are very effective and are a gentle alternative for folks who have experienced strong or undesirable side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Taken internally, Chinese herbs help correct imbalance. Some of the conditions that internal formulas can treat are allergies, colds and flu, painful and heavy periods, fertility challenges, menopause, anxiety and depression, digestive problems and headaches.

Used externally, as poultices, salves and washes, Chinese herbs address conditions such as sprained ankles and bruising, muscle aches and pains and rashes or eczema.

The herbs and formulas I carry in my pharmacy come from companies that follow stringent testing for pesticides and chemicals. I am happy to provide you with information on the testing standards and practices.

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