Acupuncture is a healing technique practiced in Chinese Medicine.

There are hundreds of places along the energy pathways of the body, front and back, top to bottom where the qi (the body’s energy) is most accessible. These are called acuppoints. They are stimulated using needles to regulate the body’s qi. This is acupuncture. (If I use my finger to stimulate these same points, that is called acupressure.) The pathways and points are all connected to each other, and to all the systems in the body: blood, organs, muscles, bones, etc. Specific points are chosen to have the greatest effect on the areas in the pathways and system where flow is hindered.

Technically, acupuncture involves inserting single use, sterilized needles into the acupoints on the body. Needles are thin – just a little thicker than a cat’s whisker. Most people feel no pain at all as the needles are inserted. The needles are retained in the body for 20-40 minutes while the client relaxes on a massage table.

People experience a wide variety of sensations while on the table, including relaxation, warmth, and energetic movement and tingling. Some clients sleep or enter a meditative resting state. After treatment, people can feel energized or a deep sense of relaxation.

The number of treatments you might need to see the change that you want varies, based on how long you have had the condition, and how severe it is. Acute conditions often respond well to frequent treatment over a short period of time. Chronic conditions may call for consistent treatment over a longer period of time. Every body is different, and I tailor treatments to fit your individual needs.

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