Welcome to Full Moon Therapies! Jessica Schwarz is on sabbatical from January 15 through March 1. If you are looking for an acupuncturist, here are a couple practitioners to try until her return.

Kathryn Tooker at tookeracupuncture.com, 206-518-7631
Wendy Mintiero at seattleadvancedbodywork.com, 206-675-1740 x704



Many years ago, I was backpacking in Western Oregon. It was summer, with no clouds in sight, so I slept tent-less. As the sun set and the full moon came up in the east, it was so bright that I did not need a headlamp to see and navigate the nighttime landscape. It was a majestic experience for me and a revelation. In the deepest part of the night, the moon could light my way.

The foundations of my healing practice have illuminated for me over the past 15 years:

  • Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating imbalance – symptoms “shine a light” on what needs help.
  • Healing is change that benefits you, the client. Healing is the creation of an environment that supports change in the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual arenas of your life.
  • Change allows your body to shift and move towards balance, ease and flow.
  • As the practitioner, my job is to meet you where you are, and provide the active element of change. I work with you to facilitate change in your body, mind and spirit to allow movement towards balance. Balance and flow bring about joy and connection.

My practice combines a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, along with indigenous traditions such as Plant Spirit Medicine. These healing modalities and traditions connect humans to Nature and use the teachings of the elements and the natural world to bring about health and transformation. Humans are expressions of the natural world. We are consciously and unconsciously influenced by the cycles of the moon, sun, days, months, seasons and years. Healing follows these cycles. There is always something new and beneficial to be illuminated within the landscape of our bodies.

To schedule an appointment, or to get more information about acupuncture or Plant Spirit Medicine,
please contact the office by phone or email: 206-781-5128 | jessica @ fullmoontherapies.com

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